Driver Education


If you are under 18 years of age, applying for a driver license, please use this as a reference guide.
Before you go to the Secretary of State facility, check online to determine if you have been approved for licensing  When you go to the Secretary of State facility to apply for the driver license, you must be at least 16 years of age and have in your possession the following items:   

1. Your valid instruction permit, that is at least 9 months old 
2. Have a certified birth certificate (no hospital birth certificates are acceptable)   
3. Your social security card bearing your signature
4. Proof of residency (postmarked envelope addressed to you is acceptable)   
5. The completed 50-hour certification form (Signed by Parents)   
6. Road Test Certificate  (remember even if you have passed the road test at Crete Monee High School you may be spot checked for road testing )     
7. If you have to take the road test at the DMV, please have a valid insurance card for the vehicle you will be using to take the driving test.  Vehicles are not supplied by the state.                                                         
Call ahead before you go and make sure the facility is open or not overcrowded (Chicago Heights Facility). Unfortunately, some days and times are worse than others so a long wait may occur.


All Certificates of Completion (Blue Slips) are now being conducted online.  Upon completion of all phases of Driver Education at Crete Monee High School each instructor will electronically submit your name to the Illinois State Board of Education.  Your information will then be forwarded to the Secretary of State electronically within 24-36 hours.
If you are approved, print out the page and bring it with you along with all your other documentation to the Secretary of State facility when you are ready for licensing.
If you are NOT approved and you have completed all phases of Driver Education at Crete Monee High School contact your instructor for further information.