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LETTER TO THE CLASS OF 2024 and New CMHS Students

Dear Freshmen and New Students:

I want to welcome each of you to Crete-Monee High School! You are about to begin one of the most exciting times in your life, and every adult in our building wants to help you make your "Warrior Experience" a safe one. 

Get involved. There is something for everyone in high school so get involved. Plus, colleges like to see well rounded students who got involved throughout high school. There will be information forthcoming about clubs and activities we plan to continue in a remote setting until we are able to resume classes in the building. Your GPA starts automatically. 

Yes, it is true that your grade counts towards your Grade Point Average (GPA) from day one. It is hard to realize, as a freshman, that these grades really matter. Always give maximum effort in achieving academic success. You will have new friends. 

The best friends you had at the middle school may not be your best friends all four years of high school. You will mature a lot in high school and so will your friends. This process is natural and we have all had the same experience. All adults in our building want you to succeed. 

There is not one person that will be working with you that wants you to fail. Start sooner rather than later if you begin to struggle in class, and please let your teacher and counselor know. Stay in the moment. 

What I mean by this is that I want you to enjoy your high school years. They do go by very fast. Enjoy all the new friends and all the amazing memories you will make over the next four years! Make sure to relish every moment because you can't get it back and in a blink, graduation will be here. 

Crete-Monee High School is an amazing place to be an amazing person. To ensure it is an awesome experience, just remember these few things. Your grades matter, effort is important, and we are here to support you along the journey. 

We take your safety very seriously and we want you to do the same. CMHS takes the issues surrounding COVID- 19 very seriously. We ask that you commit along with us to remain safe by washing your hands frequently, wearing your masks, and completing the self-reporting documents upon request to prevent these issues from interfering with your educational experience. Your safety is, and always will be, our greatest concern. Please know that we are always available to you, and we encourage you to contact us for any reason, at any time. 

Again, welcome to Crete-Monee High School. We look forward to you having a safe and wonderful Warrior Experience! 

Marjorie Triche Principal

Letter to the Class of 2021, 2022, 2023

Dear Upperclassmen, 

August 31st is the first day of online learning for this school year. Welcome back, Warriors! 
We are committed to doing the best we can to normalize the academic experience as much as possible. We will work tirelessly with parents, staff, and the community to nurture a friendly and challenging learning environment that promotes student-centered decisions and academic excellence. All adults in our building want you to succeed. 
In July you participated in a district-wide survey and your feedback was invaluable. The respondents expressed the challenges of learning from home. Students expressed concerns over not receiving enough guided feedback from teachers. Parents and guardians talked about feeling overwhelmed by the combination of having to work from home and keeping up with their children’s schoolwork. In common, staff, students, and parents expressed the importance of the social aspects of school, from visiting with friends and classmates to enjoying the company of teachers and colleagues. To help alleviate any angst you may have, we have taken steps to ensure you are safe and your social-emotional and academic needs are addressed. 

What precautions are we providing to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading? 
• Moving classes to temporary spaces 
• Reduction of class sizes 
• Split schedules 
• Signage throughout the building 
• Opportunities to improve hygiene measures, including handwashing, coughing and sneezing into the elbow, and physical distancing measures 
• Cleaning procedures for facilities 
• Following protocols set forth by Illinois Department of Health (IDEPH), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and the Governor’s office 
What supports are there to address the Social-Emotional needs? 
• Community Building – We have been preparing to create opportunities online and in-person where students feel supported and have a sense of community. 
• Student Voice – We understand the need for our youth to express their opinions, share ideas, and talking through disagreements. 
• Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) support embedded in the curriculum within the first two weeks of school and ongoing throughout the year. 

There is so much information to unpack for this school year and we want you to be informed through every step. Please take the time to read all the enclosed documents carefully. 

Marjorie Triche Principal 



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Crete-Monee High School is a comprehensive four-year high school with students from the villages of Crete, Monee, University Park, and Park Forest. Our mission is to educate students to be critical thinkers and active learners, to challenge students to fulfill their potential, and to prepare students to contribute positively to society. Our student body represents a wide range of social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. This diversity has helped to create a well-blended school environment that is strengthened by a rigorous curriculum and a variety of learning opportunities to help students better prepare for success after high school.

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