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Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3-May 7

Our teachers have worked harder than ever this year to educate the children of our community, learning new technology, adapting curriculum for virtual learning, and managing students online and in-person at the same time. Show them some love by leaving a message on your favorites teachers' message boards! All comments will be moderated. 

 English Department  World Language Department Math Department 

 Ms. Cresto
Ms. Graney
Ms. Hysell
Ms. Kuh
Ms. R. Johnson
Mr. Kenealy
Mr. Naglak
Ms. Rivero
Mr. Rodriguez
Ms. Sullivan
Mr. Surlak
Mr. Westphal
Ms. Wojtkiewicz

 Mr. Allen
Ms. Dabney
Ms. Bertoletti
Mr. Ivory
Ms. Martinez
Ms. Belin
Mr. Blackwood
Ms. Castrogiovanni
Mr. Foote
Ms. Graben
Mr. Hardy
Ms. King
Mr. Klinger
Mr. Lenz
Mr. Noble
Ms. Thayer
Ms. Urchell
Mr. Ward 
 Fine Arts Department  Physical Education Department  Science Department
Mr. Grib
Mr. Mohr
Ms. Ores
Ms. Dronzek
Mr. Higgins
Mr. Hughes
Mr. Jensen
Mr. Landgraf
Mr. Nissen
P.O. Reed
P.O. Smith
Ms. Smythe
Mr. Trobaugh

Mr. Balouris
Mr. Cook
Mr. Hall
Ms. Harvey
Mr. Lentz
Mr. McNicholas
Mr. Morrison
Ms. Narcissi
Ms. O'Sullivan 
Ms. Sharma
Ms. Werner

Social Science Department  Special Education Department Career/Technology Department
 Mr. Crary
Mr. Fitzgerald
Ms. Godbout
Mr. Longo
Ms. Mikal
Mr. Murray
Mr. O'Connor
Mr. Posey
Mr. Swanson
Ms. Thompson
Ms. Valerio
Mr. Wertz

Ms. Allen
Mr. Setnicker
Mr. Chiuso
Ms. Engemann
Ms. Halfeldt
Mr. Hernandez
Ms. Hooten
Ms. Norberg
Mr. Joritz
Mr. Kovach
Ms. Mitchell
Ms. Murtaugh
Ms. Olik
Ms. Pitkin
Mr. Proper
Ms. Robertson
Ms. Anderson
Mr. Stanfield
Ms. Valiska

 Ms. Brown
Mr. Kuban
Ms. Sanders
Mr. Rismiller
PASS Department Guidance Department  
Ms. Radford
Ms. Y. Johnson

Mr. Cooley
Ms. Hoffman
Ms. Pagliuco
Ms. Rucklic
Mr. Wilson

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Technology Help Desk

If you are having trouble with your district-issued Chromebook device or charger, please contact the CM201U Help Desk at (708) 367-2930.



Crete-Monee High School is a comprehensive four-year high school with students from the villages of Crete, Monee, University Park, and Park Forest. Our mission is to educate students to be critical thinkers and active learners, to challenge students to fulfill their potential, and to prepare students to contribute positively to society. Our student body represents a wide range of social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. This diversity has helped to create a well-blended school environment that is strengthened by a rigorous curriculum and a variety of learning opportunities to help students better prepare for success after high school.

Crete-Monee High School
1515 W. Exchange
Crete, IL 60417

Marjorie Triche, Principal
(708) 367-8211 Main Office
(708) 367-8206 Attendance

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Remote learning will continue. Please stay tuned to your district email account and the district webpage for more information.