Chromebook Policy

1.  You are 100% responsible for your Chromebook.  If you lose your device, you will be charged for a new device if we are unable to find the Chromebook in two weeks.

2.  Students are advised to memorize their asset tag on the bottom of the device as it is how we tie the device to the student.  If the asset tag is removed, it is considered the destruction of property.

3.  Chromebooks should be brought to school fully charged and the carrying case should be used at all times when moving throughout the building and to and from home.

4.  Insurance does not cover lost chargers, so please keep your chargers at home.

5.  Chromebooks that are damaged need to be brought to A100 to be looked at.  If a student has purchased insurance, most damages will be covered at no cost.

6.  Loaner Chromebooks are available for students if needed throughout the day.  It is important that this is used only if needed.  There are no chargers available to checkout.

7.  If a student loses their Chromebook, it is very important that it is reported missing as soon as possible.  The sooner it is reported, the better chance we have to locate it.