The mission of Crete-Monee High School is to educate students to be critical thinkers and active learners, to challenge students to fulfill their potential, and to prepare students to contribute positively to society. Over the course of the past two years, our curriculum has been redesigned in every course we offer. Our curriculum development follows a backwards planning process. Before any lesson plans are written or any test is created, we look at what standards and objectives our students need to successfully meet in each course, and then work backwards. Assessments are written based on the standards and objectives that our student s are required to meet, and then unit plans and daily lesson plans are created. Through this process, every department has taken on the challenge of increasing the academic rigor in all of our courses. Our goal is to provide rich and relevant academic experiences that require our students to think creatively and be problem solvers.

Our academic pages have been thoughtfully designed to be user friendly. You will find important resources for each of our departments, as well as links to sites we feel are enriching and relevant for our high school families.

Position Statement on Novels/Texts Read in English and Social Studies

Dear Parents,

In our English and Social Science courses, students read a variety of texts, fiction and nonfiction, which include a number of themes meant to challenge students to think critically about the world and help students develop empathy for people from diverse backgrounds.  These themes include some topics which may be uncomfortable or controversial.  Those themes may include:

Race and racism
Domestic violence
Gender and sexism
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Mental illness
Sexual violence

In addition to these themes, the following themes are also present:

Overcoming obstacles
Social justice
Lessons from the past

In selecting books for inclusion in the formal curriculum, teachers consider our school mission statement, the contribution each work may make to the education of the reader, its readability for a particular group of students, and its appeal to adolescents.  Our mission is to provide students with access to materials and educational experiences that promote open inquiry, critical thinking, diversity in thought and expression, and respect for others.  We believe students benefit from literature and other materials depicting diverse cultures as well as a broad range of perspectives.  We believe that students should be exposed to reading that challenges them intellectually and emotionally, with the support of teachers who provide the context necessary for students to process content that may be uncomfortable or controversial.

If you have any questions regarding the literature your child is reading in class, please contact your child’s teacher for information regarding the rationale behind the selection of that book.