November Teacher of the Month

November Teacher of the Month
Posted on 11/05/2019
Mr. Balouris and studentsCongratulations to biology teacher Mr. Balouris for being selected by students as the November Teacher of the Month. Here's what students said about Mr. Balouris...

-"He is a good and nice teacher and not only does he push us to be good and get work done but he also has a funny side to make us have fun while doing work."

-"He is a cool guy who can relate to students and help them with any problems."  

-"Everyday when I walk into class, Mr. B always asks how I'm doing and gives me a fist bump."

-"He is very cheerful in class and helped me catch up and get to where the rest of the class was within my first few weeks. He makes me feel smart and does a really good job teaching the class and making it fun." 

-"He's really nice and is good at explaining what we are supposed to be working on."