End of Year Awards and Recognitions 2023

End of Year Awards and Recognitions
Posted on 06/08/2023
End of Year Awards and Recognitions

CMHS celebrated end of the year service and recognition awards for the 2022-2023 school year on June 8, 2023. Recipients received a gift as an appreciation for their contributions and service to the CMSD 201-U. Superintendent, Dr. Kara Coglianese and Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Teaching & Learning, Ghantel Perkins presented certificates to each award recipient.

Awards included:

Excellence in Teacher Award
Ms. Graney

Student Services Person of the Year
Ms. Hofman

Perfect Attendance
Ms. Calgaro, Job Coach
Mr. Sarsfield, Teacher

5 Year Service Award
Mr. Chiuso, Resource Teacher
Ms. Gilani, Teacher
Ms. Himler, Resource Teacher
Ms. Huisman, Secretary
Mr. Kuban, Teacher
Ms. McMillian, Teacher Assistant
Mr. McNicholas, Teacher
Mr. Reed, Teacher
Ms. Valiska, Teacher
Ms. Wagner, Teacher Assistant
Ms. White, Secretary

10 Year Service Award
Ms. Dronzek, Dean of Students
Ms. Lareau, School Nurse

15 Year Service Award
Ms. Belin, Teacher
Ms. Burketh, Secretary
Mr. Fitzgerald, Teacher
Ms. Flores Colbert, Division Leader
Mr. Konecki, Director of Athletics
Ms. McLean, Registrar
Mr. Trobough, Teacher

20 Year Service Award
Mr. Jensen, Teacher
Mr. Klinger, Teacher
Ms. Rodriguez, Secretary
Ms. Werner, Teacher

Congratulations everyone! We appreciate your service and dedication!


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