Congrats to Ms. Gonzalez, Teacher of the Month

Congrats to Ms. Gonzalez, Teacher of the Month
Posted on 03/16/2023

Congratulations to Ms. Gonzalez, CMHS Spanish teacher, on being selected as the teacher of the month for March!

Students said:
"She's very fun and entertaining and knows how to keep everyone engaged.  Never a boring class with her!"

"Ms. Gonzalez makes sure that all of her kids get their work done and understand the work.  She also makes sure all of her students feel ok."
"She is an amazing person with a great sense of humor and has helpful learning strategies."

"She is sweet to all of her students, she is a hard-working teacher that comes to teach and help students every day as she is also in school herself.  She is not only a good teacher she is a good person she brings joy to a lot of people's faces and keeps people motivated and standing strong."