Curriculum Night 2020

Welcome to Crete-Monee High School Open House 2020-2021! Below you will find links to each teacher's virtual presentation. Find the teacher and the course based on your child's schedule, which can be found on Skyward Family Access. 


 Ms. Cresto AP Language and Composition
Sophomore English
 Ms. Duffy  Honors Freshman English
Reading Strategies II
 Ms. Graney  Honors Freshman English
AP Language and Composition
 Ms. Hysell Sophomore English
 Ms. R. Johnson  Junior English
AP Literature
 Mr. Kenealy AP Literature
Junior English
 Ms. Kuh  AP Seminar (with Mr. Fitzgerald)
Junior English
 Ms. Rivero Freshman English
Mr. Rodriguez Reading Strategies I
AP Research
Ms. Sullivan Freshman English
Sophomore English
Mr. Surlak Junior English
AP Seminar (with Ms. Thompson)
Mr. Westphal Freshman English
Senior English
Ms. Wojtkiewicz Senior English
AP Psychology


Ms. Belin Geometry
AP Statistics
Math Literacy (PSC)

Mr. Blackwood Math Literacy
Honors Algebra II
Ms. Castrogiovanni AP Computer Science
Integrated Math
Mr. Foote Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
Ms. Graben Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Mr. Hardy Integrated Math
Ms. King Honors Algebra I
Algebra II
Mr. Klinger Statistics
Algebra I
Mr. Lenz Algebra II
Honors Geometry
Mr. Noble AP Calculus
Ms. Thayer Algebra I
Honors Algebra II
Algebra II
Ms. Urchell Algebra I
Honors Algebra II
Mr. Ward Business Math
Construction Math


Mr. Balouris Honors Biology
Mr. Cook Physics First
AP Physics
Mr. Hall Honors Chemistry
Ms. Harvey Honors Chemistry
Mr. Lentz Chemistry
Physics First
Mr. McNicholas Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Mr. Morrison Earth/Space Science
Physics First
Ms. Narcisi Biology
Medical Intervention
Ms. O'Sullivan AP Environmental Science
Principles of Biomedical Science
Mr. Sievers Honors Physics
Physics First
Ms. Werner AP Biology
Human Body Systems

Social Science

Mr. Crary Experiences in Social Studies
AP Human Geography
Mr. Fitzgerald AP Seminar (with Ms. Kuh)
Mr. Longo Experiences in Social Studies
Law in American Society
Ms. Mikal AP Government
Mr. Murray World History
AP World History
Mr. O'Connor African American Studies (with Ms. Godbout)
AP US History
Mr. Posey AP Economics
Mr. Swanson Economics/Government
Experiences in Social Studies
Ms. Thompson AP Seminar (with Mr. Surlak)
Leadership Seminar
Ms. Valerio US History
AP US History
Mr. Wertz US History
Instructional Economics/Government

World Languages

Mr. Allen Spanish II
Honors Spanish III
Ms. Dabney Spanish II
AP Spanish
Ms. Martinez ELL Targeted Tutoring
ELL I and II
Ms. Wang Mandarin
Ms. Bertoletti Spanish I
Spanish II
Mr. Ward Spanish I

Fine Arts

 Mr. Grib Sound Engineering
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
Mr. Mohr General Music
Introduction to Show Choir
Multicultural Choir
 Ms. Ores Drawing and Painting
Art I
Art II
AP Two Dimensional Art

Physical Education

 Ms. Dronzek Drivers Education
Individual Sports
Ms. Higgins Team Sports
Sophomore PE
Mr. Hughes Sophomore PE
Freshman PE/Health
Mr. Jensen Team Sports
Strength and Conditioning
Mr. Landgraf Team Sports
Mr. Nissen Sophomore PE
Individual Sports
Ms. Smythe Sophomore PE
Lifetime Sports
Mr. Trobaugh Freshman PE/Health
Team Sports
P.O. Reed Naval Science I
Naval Science II
 TBD Naval Science I
Naval Science III


Ms. Brown Web Design
Computer Programming
Small Business Management
Mr. Kuban Metals I
Metals II
Mr. Rismiller Digital Engineering
Technical Support
Introduction to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Ms. Sanders Computer Concepts
Small Business Management
Ms. Radford  PASS
Ms. Johnson PASS

Special Education

Ms. Allen Keyboarding
Earth and Space Science
Mr. Chiuso Instructional Geometry
Business Math
Ms. Engemann Instructional English
Freshman English
Ms. Halfeldt Transitional Employment Program 
Mr. Hernandez Instructional US History
US History
Ms. Hooton Instructional Junior English 
Junior English
Mr. Joritz Instructional Physics
Physics First
Mr. Kovach Instructional Reading I
Instructional Reading II
Reading Strategies I
Ms. Mitchell Transitional Employment Program
Ms. Murtaugh Instructional Algebra I
Algebra I
Ms. Norberg Functional English
Functional Science
Functional Math
Functional English
Functional Social Studies
Ms. Olik Instructional Senior English
Senior English
Ms. Pitkin Instructional Sophomore English
Sophomore English
Mr. Proper Transitional Employment Program
Instructional Math
Independent Living
Instructional English
Ms. Robertson Instructional Algebra II
Algebra II
Business Math
Mr. Setnicker Special Education Resource
Instructional World History
World History
Mr. Stanfield Business Math
Experiences in Social Studies
Ms. Valiska Instructional Chemistry

Pupil Personnel Services

Ms. Gruber Student Advocate Counselor
Mr. Ballard Social Worker
Ms. Welker Social Worker 
Ms. Dinan School Psychologist
Ms. Leftakis School Psychologist
Ms. McCormick Speech Langauge Pathologist

Guidance Counselors

Ms. Hofman DAV-HUG
Ms. Pagliuco A-DAU
Ms. Ruklic MI-SA
Mr. Wilson HUH-MH